Canadian Plaintiffs Sue Pfizer Over Alleged Bone Density Loss from Depo Provera

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ONTARIO, Canada - A Canadian couple and four Canadian women sued Pfizer Canada Inc. and Pfizer Inc., claiming that Depo Provera contraception injections caused the women significant bone mineral density loss. Elias, et al. v. Pfizer Canada Inc., et al. No. CV-05-012802-CP (Sup. Ct. Justice, Ontario).

Danielle Elias and her husband Erich Weibl sued the manufacturers on Dec. 13 on behalf of themselves and others similarly situated in the Ontario (Canada) Superior Court of Justice. They claim the Depo Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate injectable suspension) contraception injections Elias received for six years caused a significant decrease in her bone mineral density.


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