HarrisMartin: Jurors Award More Than $2 Billion to Calif. Couple in 3rd Roundup Trial; Verdict Includes Punitive Damages

  • Alberta Pilliod Verdict Sheet
  • Alva Pilliod Verdict Sheet
  • Complaint
  • Jury Instructions

OAKLAND, Calif. –– A California jury has awarded more than $2 billion total to a California couple at the conclusion of the third Roundup trial to proceed to verdict, finding that the glyphosate-containing herbicide product was a substantial factor in causing the couple’s separate non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnoses, HarrisMartin Publishing is reporting.

The California Superior Court for Alameda County jury reached the verdict May 13, awarding more than $18 million to Alva Pilliod and an additional $37 million to his wife, Alberta Pilliod in non-punitive damages.

The award to Alberta Pilliod included $201,166.76 in past economic loss; $2,957,710.00 in future economic …


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