HarrisMartin's Webinar Series: Rideshare Abuse Litigation Speaker Profiles

Co-Chair Jenny El-Kadi, Babin Law, LLC, Columbus, OH Show/Hide Bio

Co-Chair Jenny El-Kadi

Growing up Jenny has always wanted to be an attorney. Jenny wanted to help those who could not stand up for themselves and seek justice against those who harmed innocent victims. Throughout Law School, Jenny worked in various aspects of law. She worked as a Mediator for Franklin County Small Claims Court for Magistrate Tony Paat where she mediated numerous civil disputes.

Co-Chair Michael Carney, Slater Slater Schulman, LLP, Beverly Hills, CA Show/Hide Bio

Co-Chair Michael Carney

Michael Carney is a Partner at Slater Slater Schulman LLP, possessing over 16 years of experience as a trial attorney. With an impressive background in criminal law, Michael has dedicated his career to relentlessly pursuing justice for individuals who have endured traumatic instances of sexual abuse and assault.

Laurel L. Simes, Levin Simes Abrams, San Francisco Show/Hide Bio

Laurel L. Simes

Laurel is a founding partner of Levin Simes Abrams LLP, with substantial experience in mass tort litigation including handling thousands of cases in a variety of litigations including rideshare, asbestos, pharmaceutical, and medical device cases. Laurel has spent her entire legal career fighting for the rights of working men and women and their families. This work has led her into numerous courtrooms over the course of her twenty plus years of practicing law. As part of this work, Laurel Simes and William Levin were able to secure the largest mesothelioma verdict in California history in 2010. This case along with many others has focused on thoughtful and intensive preparation of the plaintiffs to make them ready for their time in front of a jury. A central focus of Laurel’s practice has been spending significant time with plaintiffs, fact witnesses, treating physicians and other experts in preparing them for their testimony.

Rachel Abrams, Levin Simes Abrams, San Francisco Show/Hide Bio

Rachel Abrams

The majority of Ms. Abrams’ 23-year legal career has focused on personal injury litigation, primarily product liability and pharmaceutical cases. She has spoken at several seminars and conferences and often lectures on California’s Judicial Counsel for Coordinated Proceeding (“JCCPs”) and Multi-District Litigation (“MDL”) procedures and litigation. She has also aggressively worked on sexual assault cases, including Lyft and Uber passenger-survivor sexual assault cases.