HarrisMartin’s MDL Conference: Navigating the Landmines

Conference Agenda

Day 1, Wednesday, December 01, 2021

7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
The Agenda for this Event is in Production

The agenda for this event is in production. To be notified when details are released Email HarrisMartin.

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Agenda Topics for this CLE will include:

• Rapid Fire Mass Tort Update

• Mastering the Competing Complex Litigation Components

• Primer on Arguing before the JPML

• Managing MDLs and Parallel State Court Litigation: Coordination versus Domination?

• Game-Changing Orders Including Preemption, Lone Pine, Bifurcation, and Chess Clocks

• The Organization, Role, and Function of Steering Committees

• Litigating in the Digital Age

• Multi-Plaintiff Trials

• Bellwether Function, Selection Process, and Trial Protocol - Role of Lexecon and Waivers

• Complex Litigation Witnesses (from Apex to Appearing Via Satellite Transmission)

• Special Master Roles in MDLs

• Exit Strategies: Global vs. Inventory, Top Down vs. Bottom Up, and The Court’s Role?

• Papering the Deal: Memorandum of Understanding and Master Settlement Agreement Checklists

• Ethical Conundrums Associated With Complex Litigation and Aggregate Settlements